About Us

For over 40 years, NorthStar Utilities Solutions has focused on supporting modern utilities with a variety of comprehensive and seamlessly integrated industry specific solutions.  Designed, developed and deployed in North America by teams of utility industry professionals, we are proud to serve nearly 300 municipalities and utilities, many offering multiple services.  To date, NorthStar is used daily by over 3.5M in-office and field personnel throughout The United States, Canada and The Caribbean.

Our Mission

At NorthStar Utilities Solutions, our mission is to deliver value and customer service excellence, at every touch-point, through innovative solutions that solve real-world challenges for modern utilities and the communities they serve.

Our Values

We come to work with a profound respect for those we serve. We pledge integrity and openness to our customers, our employees and our partners. We commit to building respectful and rewarding long-term relationships that meet the authentic interests of each party. To do that, we recruit and nurture bright, talented individuals who share our uncommon pride of service.

Our Senior Team

Our senior team develops and executes NorthStar's business model to provide market-leading customer-focused, enterprise solutions for utility clients across North America and the Caribbean.

Each of the team's members has played an integral role in developing our business offerings-our products, professional services and customer-support methodologies-and each one is profoundly committed to positioning NorthStar for long-term success.

Patrick Shaughnessy

Patrick Shaughnessy
Executive Vice President

Steve Morris

Steve Morris
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Brad Robeson

Brad Robeson
Vice President, Professional Services

Jason Hill-Oschefski

Jason Hill-Oschefski
Director of Research & Development

Karen McKernan

Karen McKernan
Director of Support Services

Our Customers

We deliver reliable solutions for small and medium-sized utilities

After more than 34 years in business, NorthStar Utilities Solutions understands its customers precise needs. We deliver robust, configurable solutions for utility-sector clients with between 8,000 and 120,000 customers.

We understand that our clients are constantly looking for ways to realize operating efficiencies, and that they require practical, flexible data-management applications and solutions. For these reasons, our products are powerful, scalable and dependable. Each one of our applications responds to an expressed customer need and is configured and tested to guarantee performance in a variety of situations.

Most importantly, when you select NorthStar as a vendor of choice, you become part of our extended family. Count on NorthStar's personnel for support any time of the day or night, or ask advice from your peers through our facilitated user community.

Work confidently knowing you're supported by the industry's best

Industry Participation

NorthStar is a proud member of the following organizations:


American Public Power Association


American Water Works Association


Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation


Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, Inc.


Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association


Texas Association of Governmental Information Technology Managers


Municipal Information Systems Association of California

Our Partners