October 30th: Pre-conference Day 2 Schedule

9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Continuation of NorthStar 101

Lake Ontario

This is a continuation of the NorthStar 101 from day 1 of the pre-conference. Whether you are new to your organization or new to a position within your utility, you will benefit from this NorthStar 101 session. This two day session will provide a comprehensive review of NorthStar's Meter to Cash functionality, and everything in between. The session will start with the basics of navigation, continuing with rate components and setups, and finish with the processes involved in getting bills out the door and money in through your collections.

9:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Making the Adjustment

Lake Michigan

This is a one day workshop. What can we say, it happens!! We understand you need to make adjustments, in this session we will provide you with best practices on processing adjustments through Cashiering, Extra Charge Journal, Billing and so much more.

9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Supporting your Automation Platform (Half Day Workshop)

Lake Huron

This session is geared to customers who have implemented the Core Suite and who would like to better understand key configuration, scheduling and how to maintain their automated processes. See how you can configure additional processes and update and maintain your Core Suite to ensure your processes are running in the most efficient manner.

Digging in the Data (Half Day Workshop)

Lake Huron

This session will begin by providing a high level overview of the NorthStar database. The data is yours, so why not use it to advance your understanding of your utility. This session will be used to help do just that using Query Manager, SQL Management Studio, and Excel. It will take what you know about the NS database and use it to pull useful information.

1:00  PM - 4:00 PM