Streamline your operations

Streamline your operations

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Using NorthStar's utility-operations solutions, our customers can manage the performance of their assets and track critical performance information.

Our solutions automate as many processes as possible, from back-office routines to meter installation, repair and replacement functions. They also deliver the insight our customers need to analyze rates, revenue and customer-usage habits, enabling them to make informed rate-buying and setting decisions.

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Your ChallengeOur Solution
Operations management CISMeterSensemCareNorthStar Financial Management
Process management CISNorthStar Financial Management
Operational Efficiency Utilization ReviewCISNorthStar Core Automation Suite
Productivity and Automation Utilization ReviewCISNorthStar Core Automation Suite
Load analysis MeterSenseReports AnywhereEIS
Meter data management MeterSense
Wholesale settlement manager CISMeterSense