Technology generates vasts amount of data which contains valuable customer and operational insights.  Converting data into situational awareness empowers staff throughout your organization to make better decisions. 

NorthStar™ Business Intelligence (Bi) is a comprehensive reporting, dashboarding and analytics solution, connected to an enterprise data warehouse, providing an intuitive and mobile-friendly user experience.  With Bi, you can leverage investments made in any enterprise system to reveal insights, opportunities and anomalies in your operational and business data.

NorthStar’s Bi provides an opportunity to clean, store and convert data to situational awareness—intelligence that informs both day-to-day and long-term strategic decision-making. Employees can measure KPIs and set company goals based on industry standards. Timely and relevant insights and alerts also support compliance with regional and federal mandates. Licensing credentials are unnecessary, which is a cost savings for you. Furthermore, additional savings can be achieved by using the report templates that come with BI, thereby reducing the need for custom report development.

Our solution:

  • Integrates with various enterprise systems to deliver one source of trusted information
  • Increases productivity as users obtain information from a single source--rapidly
  • Empowers users—whether the user is an in-field worker, a CSR, a supervisor or the CFO
  • Demonstrates value of investments made in smart infrastructure and technologies—or uncovers anomalies so a corrective path can be put in place
  • Supports government regulatory mandates
  • Supports manual CSV. uploads, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more
  • Adheres to the strictest security protocols with robust end-to-end encryption, as well as user authentication and time-outs to ensure that only authorized personnel obtain access, which means both consumer and utility information remain protected and secure