Customers live, work and play in the digital world.  They expect instant self-service and information at their fingertips.  Mobile consumer engagement apps provide an opportunity to connect with customers and offer higher levels of customer service while reducing load on CSRs.

NorthStar CustomerConnect turns passive rate-payers into active partners through a powerful and user-friendly customer portal available over smartphones, tablets and laptops.  Engaging with consumers and empowering them ultimately results in operational efficiencies for your utility and higher levels of customer service for consumers.

Put your app in the palm of their hand so they can assess trusted account information, view usage, make payments and register issues—quickly and easily.

Our solution:

  • Enhances relationships with your customers through empowerment and engagement
  • Facilitates business process improvements to save money in the short- and long-term
  • Demonstrates value by leveraging investments made in smart infrastructure and technologies
  • Augments public participation in key conservation programs to achieve operational efficiencies
  • Achieves government regulatory requirements related to access and control of information
  • Reduces load on CSRs allowing them to focus on higher priority customer service tasks
  • Adheres to the strictest security protocols with robust end-to-end encryption, as well as user authentication and time-outs to ensure that only authorized personnel obtain access, which means both consumer and utility information remain protected and secure