Customers are the lifeblood of your utility.  Their satisfaction is a priority and measure of your success.  Modern technologies provide the opportunity to empower staff and deliver consistent customer service experiences at every touchpoint.

NorthStar Customer Information System (CIS) helps utilities manage millions of customer accounts and utility bills every month. From new account set-up to credit history profiling, NorthStar CIS supports all customer interactions through a robust, reliable, and highly configurable application suite.

Our solution:

  •    Automates redundant and monotonous tasks so staff can focus on customer service priorities

  •    Guides users through configurable best practice workflows and validations to ensure quality and consistency in customer service experience

  • Delivers accurate data to CSRs, enabling them to be informed decision makers

  • Supports supervisors with key performance metrics around CSR workload, call volumes, and field operations statuses to effectively manage workload, performance and expectations

  • Offers self-serve configurability of key values, screens and menu items to save costs and delays often associated with custom software development

  • Provides document management for quick and easy access to relevant files associated to consumer accounts, premises and orders

  • Integrates with other vendors’ systems through a robust REST application programming interface (API)

  • Is effective in deregulated markets and with alternative energy sources

“NorthStar’s CIS’s automation functionality has helped Dalton Utilities optimize many areas of our organization. The system is now working “for us”. We originally began looking into automation because of the reporting capabilities but soon realized the many benefits of all of the workflows. Prior to implemention, we had a resource who ran reports outside of normal business hours resulting in overtime or lieu time. Now, NorthStar CIS automates the reports overnight and an email with hyperlinks to the reports is available to the teller immediately upon her arrival to work in the morning. This process alone has saved us time and money and has actually boosted employee morale! We have since implemented all of our applicable workflows from Credit Control to Refund Journals to Financial Integration and continue to reap the benefits of scheduled processes that run consistently and accurately, freeing up our resources to concentrate on customer service. We have noticed much more efficient daily processing which has allowed us to become much more effective at serving our customer’s needs.”
— Emily Pratt, Billing/Meter Reading Supervisor - Dalton Utilities