Collaborating with a trusted vendor partner for the set-up and support of critical systems infrastructure and environment allows your staff to focus on what matters - providing reliable and affordable service to consumers.


NorthStar Technical Services offers the hosting and maintenance of technology infrastructure and environments. We have built a considerable knowledge base of best practices that are required to setup and maintain stable, reliable, and efficient technical environments. Our experience implementing hundreds of utility-specific systems in a variety of environments makes NorthStar uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive technical services to those seeking to minimize costs and maximize the performance of IT resources.

Our solution:

  • Relieves key resources to focus on other high priority activities

  • Protects against security threats with the latest updates and patches to avoid potential exposure

  • Maximizes the performance of critical systems through regular maintenance activities and configurations

  • Reduces costs associated with unnecessary hardware and software purchases by leveraging existing resources

  • Improves accuracy of data for higher quality information for improved decision making

  • Formulates a technology strategy to address both current and future requirements as they change