NorthStar Utilities Solutions Announces Renewed Partnership with The County of Hawai’i, Water Department

OTTAWA, April 18th, 2019 - NorthStar is proud to announce a renewed partnership with our longstanding customer, The County of Hawai’i, Water Department.

As part of this engagement, The County of Hawai’i, Water Department, will be upgrading to the latest version of NorthStar’s Customer Information and Billing system as well as implementing new modules related to consumer engagement (CustomerConnect 6) and mobile workforce management (mCare 6).

This upgrade and expansion project allows The County of Hawai’i to leverage new features and functionality that support industry best practice business processes, improved reporting, and enhanced security within the water department.  NorthStar’s mCare, mobile workforce management for dispatch and field staff, will help streamline operations and provide better visibility into work statuses and progress.  NorthStar’s CustomerConnect will provide County of Hawai’i customers with a suite of self-service tools to improve the customer experience. These self-service tools will reduce call volume between customers and customer service representative, which will drive efficiencies in the workplace. 

About NorthStar Utilities Solutions

For over 40 years NorthStar Utilities Solutions has focused on providing utilities with cost-effective solutions for real-world challenges. Founded in 1976, we are honored to now be working with over 200 utilities throughout North America & the Caribbean.

NorthStar Utilities Solutions is the original business unit of Harris Computer Systems (Harris). Harris Computer is a division of Constellation Software (CSU). Harris employs over 4,750 staff in 45 business units around the world.

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