Modern utilities are under constant pressure to do more with existing resources, while continuing to provide reliable and affordable services to consumers. What if you could get more out of your investments in enterprise technology to achieve unrealized operational efficiencies and boost employee morale?


NorthStar Utilization Reviews provide an opportunity to leverage the experience of industry professionals to maximize your return-on-investments in technology and align with long-term strategic goals. 

Through 40 years of working with utility customers on hundreds of projects, NorthStar has built a knowledge base of the industry’s best practices. Our team is uniquely qualified to offer recommendations for your utility to maximize the ROI of existing technology. Subject matter experts analyze legacy policies and procedures and offer recommendations for possible improvements.  In most cases, our utility customers experience a ROI in their first year through this valuable consulting engagement.

Through NorthStar Utilization Reviews, utilities can:

  • Discover and administrate best practices from industry and subject matter experts

  • Identify, address, and resolve legacy issues related to outdated, inefficient, or problematic processes in order to streamline operations and achieve organization goals

  • Support efficiency improvements for key resources and reduce workload for overburdened staff members, allowing them to focus on higher priority tasks

  • Formulate a forward-thinking technology strategy that demonstrates financial responsibility and a dedication to continuous innovation

  • Deliver a consistent experience for customers, and improve employee morale

  • Improve confidence in critical decision making by increased accuracy of data input and validation processes driving reports

“The NorthStar Utilization Review process has already proven to be a productive exercise for our team. Reviewing our current processes allowed us to question why we do the things we do and are we working as efficiently as we can. During the review, we were able to identify some key areas where we could make improvements. The team was excited to see new functionality and areas we can become more efficient. We are looking forward to reviewing the document, beginning a plan to implement new processes, conducting training, and exploring automation opportunities. We enjoyed working with Carrie Lawlor and John Prine during the review. We appreciate them sharing their experience in the utility business and their knowledge of NorthStar with us.”
— Kim Baker, Customer Service Manager - Decatur Utilities