Achieve customer service excellence through a partnership with us.

Customer service is at the heart of everything you do.  You earn your customers trust by consistently providing the services they depend on and by exceeding their expectations at every touch-point.  Each interaction is an opportunity to impress and make meaningful connections with your customers.  Vendor partners who truly understand your organization's needs is key to your success.

For over 40 years, NorthStar Utilities Solutions has supported modern utilities, and the communities they serve, through a comprehensive suite of innovative technologies.  We are honored to be working with over 200 utilities throughout North America and the Caribbean.

The Complete solution

At the core of NorthStar is our highly configurable customer information and billing system, a modular solution that scales as you grow.  This robust foundation is enhanced through optional value add modules for financials, consumer engagement, workforce management, business intelligence, and professional services.  NorthStar is pleased to offer a comprehensive enterprise solution that supports customer service excellence at every touch-point.

“The NorthStar people treat you as if you’re part of a family. They truly want to know whether things are working for you, and how they’re working. NorthStar is now the standard by which I judge other software providers. Even after 10 years, they still call me every so often to look for my feedback.”

— Al Kaufmann, EVP Corp. Services - New Braunfels Utilities