In-field staff are key to responding to customer requests and addressing day-to-day issues.  Their safety and security is a top priority.  A modern workforce management strategy built around real-time mobile technologies helps address both.

NorthStar mCare is a real-time mobile workforce management app available over smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  A highly configurable and intuitive solution, mCare allows service order information to flow seamlessly from the office, to the field, and back.  The result is a continuous, real-time flow of service-order data. With mCare, staff in the field can respond more quickly to customers, as well as update NorthStar CIS in real-time.

Our solution:

  • Optimizes the assignment of orders to field staff and increases productivity of work completed

  • Reduces the overhead and administrative costs of manual paper-based dispatching and data entry

  • Reduces expensive overtime and non-productive idle times by maximizing workload and staff schedules

  • Improves the safety and security of field staff through real-time visibility into locations and statuses

  • Enhances customer service by shortening response times to field service requests

  • Adheres to the strictest security protocols with robust end-to-end encryption, user authentication, and time-outs, ensuring that only authorized personnel obtain access

“NorthStar’s CIS’s automation functionality has helped Dalton Utilities optimize many areas of our organization. The system is now working “for us”. We originally began looking into automation because of the reporting capabilities but soon realized the many benefits of all of the workflows. Prior to implemention, we had a resource who ran reports outside of normal business hours resulting in overtime or lieu time. Now, NorthStar CIS automates the reports overnight and an email with hyperlinks to the reports is available to the teller immediately upon her arrival to work in the morning. This process alone has saved us time and money and has actually boosted employee morale! We have since implemented all of our applicable workflows from Credit Control to Refund Journals to Financial Integration and continue to reap the benefits of scheduled processes that run consistently and accurately, freeing up our resources to concentrate on customer service. We have noticed much more efficient daily processing which has allowed us to become much more effective at serving our customer’s needs.”
— Emily Pratt, Billing/Meter Reading Supervisor - Dalton Utilities