At NorthStar Utilities Solutions, our mission is to create and offer products and services that help utilities serve their communities smoothly and efficiently. With 34 years at the forefront of innovation, we use our long experience and deep customer relationships to devise solutions that are visionary and practical.

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What our users are saying

"The NorthStar people treat you almost as if you're part of a family. They truly want to know whether things are working for you, and how they're working. NorthStar is now the standard by which I judge other software providers. Even after 10 years, they still call me every so often to look for my feedback."

Al Kaufmann | Executive VP, Corporate Services
New Braunfels Utilities, New Braunfels TX

"I am always very happy with the communication I have with the NorthStar Staff. They understand what I need, are quick to respond, and provide great service!"

Ivo Nkwenji | Lead Systems Analyst, Information Systems
City of Santa Monica

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