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Our enterprise solutions enable our clients across North America and the Caribbean to realize their environmental-stewardship goals. See how our products can make your utility greener and save your customers money.

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We deliver solutions tailored to your requirements

We are pioneers in developing the products that today are industry-standard applications. Our expertise and “continuous innovation” approach are key contributors to our success in creating high performing and future proof solutions and winning trust of over 300 customers.

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Understanding utility needs have always been the prime focus when designing the solutions. We work closely with our customers through all project phases ensuring the solutions delivered meet and exceed your expectations.

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What people are saying

"The North|Star CIS is radically different than anything we've used before, but it's much more logical. With minimal training, anyone can look up a customer's account, determine how much they owe and what their usage was."

Kevin LookisCity of Evanston, Evanston IL

"I feel like the support team really cares about the issues you have and really do want to help you. They go the extra mile to help."

Karen RiserClayton County Water Authority, Morrow GA

"The North|Star people treat you almost as if you're part of a family. They truly want to know whether things are working for you, and how they're working.

North|Star is now the standard by which I judge other software providers. Even after 10 years, they still call me every so often to look for my feedback."

Al KaufmannNew Braunfels Utilities, New Braunfels TX

"I've been in this business 42 years and I've dealt with a whole lot of vendors, small and large. We've never had this kind of close relationship with any other software vendor. You actually feel like you know the people at North|Star."

Craig HermanGlendale Water and Power, Glendale CA
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