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Our enterprise solutions enable our clients across North America and the Caribbean to realize their environmental-stewardship goals. See how our products can make your utility greener and save your customers money.

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We are pioneers in developing the products that today are industry-standard applications. Our expertise and “continuous innovation” approach are key contributors to our success in creating high performing and future proof solutions and winning trust of over 300 customers.

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Understanding utility needs have always been the prime focus when designing the solutions. We work closely with our customers through all project phases ensuring the solutions delivered meet and exceed your expectations.

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What people are saying

"I am always very happy with the communication I have with the NorthStar Staff.  They understand what I need, are quick to respond, and provide great service!"

Ivo NkwenjiCity of Santa Monica

I always receive great service and support from NorthStar.  Their team is always responsive and willing to help wherever needed!

Diane HolmesGroton Utilities

“The NorthStar Utilization Review process has already proven to be a productive exercise for our team.  Reviewing our current processes allowed us to question why we do the things we do and are we working as efficiently as we can.  During the review, we were able to identify some key areas where we could make improvements.  The team was excited to see new functionality and areas we can become more efficient.  We are looking forward to reviewing the document, beginning a plan to implement new processes, conducting training, and exploring automation opportunities.  We enjoyed working with Carrie Lawlor and John Prine during the review. We appreciate them sharing their experience in the utility business and their knowledge of NorthStar with us."            

Kim Baker and Decatur Utilities Customer Service TeamDecatur Utilities

"The NorthStar people treat you almost as if you're part of a family. They truly want to know whether things are working for you, and how they're working.

NorthStar is now the standard by which I judge other software providers. Even after 10 years, they still call me every so often to look for my feedback."

Al KaufmannNew Braunfels Utilities, New Braunfels TX

“The NorthStar Utilization Review process helped us identify how to use our resources and NorthStar much more effectively.   It gave us a chance to realign tasks, procedures and responsibilities in order to ensure we were operating in the most efficient manner.   The review of our current processes made us aware of how long it had been since we had revisited and updated our policies and procedures.  We also discovered how much more functionality is available in NorthStar that we were not using.  During the review we were able to  immediately implement new processes, where available, and are looking forward to implementing more changes with our 6.4 upgrade.  Thanks so much to Carrie Lawlor and the NorthStar team."

Pat Kelly and Centre Wellington StaffCentre Wellington

"NorthStar’s Core Automation Suite has helped Dalton Utilities optimize many areas by allowing the system to work “for us”. DU originally began looking into the Core Automation Suite because of the reporting capabilities but soon realized the many benefits of all of the Core Suite workflows. Prior to implementing the Core Suite we had a resource who ran her reports outside of normal business hours resulting in overtime or lieu time. Now the Automation Platform runs the reports overnight and an email with hyperlinks to the reports is available to the teller immediately upon her arrival to work in the morning.  This process alone has saved us time and money and has actually boosted employee morale!  DU has implemented all of our applicable workflows from Credit Control to Refund Journals to Financial Integration and continue to reap the benefits of scheduled processes that run consistently and accurately, freeing up our resources to concentrate on customer service.  We have noticed much more efficient daily processing which has allowed us to become much more effective at serving our customer’s needs."

Emily PrattDalton Utilities
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